Important Principles to Guide Your Life by Steve Daniels

1. Sowing is a Choice
The farmer chooses his crop. It is intentional and the farmer expects to reap from his efforts.

2. The farmer knows his crop.
Sowing is an investment, so the farmer is careful. He is equipped to sow and reap in accordance with the nature of his crop. He has the land, has the right equipment, understands the calendar, knows the cultivation schedule, and knows the water and nutrients necessary for the crop to yield its intended result. If he is careless, if his stewardship falters, he stands to lose everything.

3. You reap what you sow.
Simple enough, you won’t get bananas if you plant wheat, no matter how hard you wish for them.

4. You reap much more than you sow.
One single seed yields hundreds to thousands of its kind.

5. You reap in a different season than you sow.
Winter wheat crops in Kansas are sown in September or October for harvest in June. Plants don’t germinate overnight and consequences are often delayed.

From the early days of creation, God set laws in effect that govern life on earth, regulating our choices and actions. It is called CAUSE and EFFECT. There are consequences to everything; a sovereign God has declared it to be so. In our youth we tend to make choices without considering the consequences. Sometimes this sets a life-long pattern and we live our lives as if there are no consequences. The deception is in thinking that there are no consequences when, in fact, they are just delayed. It is not until our later years that the truths inherent in laws 3-5 come home to roost and we discover just how true they are. Carelessness with decisions abounds in our culture today with little thought of the future. Today is all that matters. We are all paying a price for this disregard; God will not be mocked. These laws grant us insight into the future by enabling us to consider what kind of consequences we can expect from our actions. It is then a matter of faith to believe God for what He has promised. How many of us are willing to wait on God for His timing and His provision?

There is great hope in knowing how things work. God has not hidden it from us. He has revealed it. It is seen in nature, in physics, in our relationships with other people, and in the Word of God. The only question is whether we are looking for it or blinded by the pursuit of our own desires. This hope is found in Galatians 6:8 and in law 1. We have a choice. The bad news is that we will surely reap corruption if we sow to the flesh (if we want our own way). The good news is that we will reap eternal life, God’s presence and the hope of His Glory as we sow unto righteousness (God’s way). The choice is ours.

Those of us among the household of faith, the believers in Christ, those who are called by His name, would all do well to ask ourselves this most basic question as we stand at the door of decision: “Do I want God’s blessing?” Our choices often tell the world how much of God we really want in our lives. These laws should sober us and at the same time give those who choose righteousness great cause for rejoicing. It’s never too late to begin doing the right things, to begin a legacy of righteousness that will impact generations to come. As children of God it is our heritage and ours to choose.


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